Kohnan E.Rwy Standard Paper Buses


Buses and Railways in Toride Area    Provides Pictures of buses and railways around Toride Aria as well as bus paper bus models (GIF)

Southern Yokohama Bus System   Featuring Yokohama Municipal Transport Bureau bus info and paper models (GIF)

SHIZUOKA TRAIN&BUS TERMINAL@    This site provides information on trains&buses in Shizuoka as well as paper models

Keihan-Uji Kotsu Paper Craft     A Keihan-Uji Kotsu Bus Fan site presents the bus paper models (GIF

Takatsuki Bus News                  Presents paper bus models of Takatsuki Transit Authority Bus.  (GIF)

Sinkansenfs Traffic Museum       Presents paper bus models of Echigo-Kotsu etc.  (GIF)

Ibaraki Kanko Bus@                   In order to memorize Ibaraki Kanko Bus, a paper model is available.

Keke-Marufs Page                   A home page of the imaginary village, which features bus paper models (GIF)

MINICORSE Web Ring               A Blog page includes buses and bus paper models

Bus Paper Craft Material Site            The site offers Kohnan E.Rwy standard paper bus materials (GIF)
Craft Blog from SHIZUOKA
@             Specializes in Shizutetsu and Entetsu paper bus models.
PB Materials (Paper Bus)                 This site offers Kohnan E.Rwy standard paper bus materials (GIF)
Kanagawa Bus Hiroba
                     Route Bus paper bus factory (GIF)
Tokyu Bus Fanfs Blog
@                       Tokyu Bus Fan presents paper bus models(GIF)

 Nerima ST                                  New Features Japanese old time buses 1950fs and 1960fs


(Imaginary Buses and Operation companies)

Daichi's Room @                             Featuring photo of Kawasaki city bus, and paper model as well.

Ibaraki Chuo Kotsu                   A imaginary Bus operating company in Ibaraki area provides BBS (GIF)

Nijiiro Kotsu Paper Craft           BBS for Paper Models featuring Fictitious Bus Operation Companies (GIF)
Hanno Bus on the Web              A fictitious bus operation company provides BBS for Paper Models (GIF)

Shintou Kotsu Bus                    An imaginary Bus Operating Company provides paper models (GIF)
Haruno Kotsu                          An imaginary Bus Operating Company provides paper models (GIF)

Kanagawa Express Rwy             Kanakyu bus page provides bus model hobby as well as paper models (GIF)
Kamakura Special Coach           Presents paper models of Europian Buses (GIF)

Wankou Bus@                          A Wanko Bus Fan Site (imaginary Bus Operating Company) (GIF)
Aki-Marine Bus                        A fictitious Bus Operating Company in Hiroshima serves paper models (GIF)

Ono Bus Home Page                 An imaginary Bus Operating Company in Ono Island (GIF)
Tokyo 23-ku Bus                      A site introducing Tokyo 23-Ku imaginary Bus Operating Company (GIF)
Kirishima Bus                          A imaginary Bus Operating Company in Miyazaki Japan (GIF)
Keisei Group (Imaginary)            Imaginary transit company group operating railways and buses, provides blog pages
Masuda Heavy Industry             Imaginary railway and bus operating company site
Blue Sky Land Bus                   Web site for the Imaginary Bus in Blue Sky Land  (GIF)
Motoyama Home Town Bus        Introduction to the Imaginary Bus Operating Company  (GIF)
Nanohana E.RWY                      An imaginary Bus Operating Company in Kanagawa (GIF)

Sho-yo Bus                             An imaginary Bus Operating Company in Kanagawa-Tokyo-Saitama (GIF)
Sagami-Saitama Express Bus     Blog of a imaginary Bus Operating company
Central Metro Horldings Official page       A site of a imaginary metropolitan rail and bus company
Tosei Group Bus                       An imaginary Bus operating company in Tokai area
BTTF 1. 2. 3 !                           Back to the Future Enthusiast site presents paper models (GIF)

Ansin Bus Catalog                    An imaginary bus manufacturing company presents paper bus models (GIF)

Paper Buses

Nogawa Electric Railway            Detailed templates of bus figures in Japan (GIF)
Higashi-Kuritake Railway Co.
        Imaginary railway company in the heartland features bus coloring (GIF)
Rail Paper Models                    
Original Paper Buses covering all over Japan. Request and submitting allowed (GIF)
Kumaneko House                     
RPM standard Paper Bus Buses models of West Japan Area (GIF)
Dedicated to TOMOTETSU Bus Paper Models  (PNG)
Paper Busmo
                                  Detailed Paper Models of various bus builders available (PDF)
Paper Busmo neo                     
New Paper Busmo for next generations

Paper Craft N                           New Articulated bus in Kobe City

Take by E train                              Paper models of bus and train. (PDF)
Mirai Net 
                                        Beautiful Japanese Bus illustrations (GIF)
Teikoku Kidoutai
                             A site for those who love vehicles. You can drive a bus at PaperDriver. (GIF)
NET Station
                                    Featuring photos of small trips and transportation as well as paper models of bus (closed) (JPEG)
Bus and Railway Room             
Flight simulator site added paper bus models (GIF)
Atlier Ibuki  
@                                Featuring excellent  scale models of buses by paper craft (PDF)
AOI Bus Works      
                      Provides paper models of Shizutetsu Just Lines (PDF)
OGISAN KOBO      @                    Paper models of School bus, US Forces Japan Bus, Tachikawa Bus (PDF)
Shinkeisei Liners        @                Presents the original paper models of Shin-Keisei bus (PDF)
Green Riner   (service)                       Itami Municipal Transport Bus fanfs  site presents paper models (GIF)
Kami Syatai (Paper Body)               Paper models of Tokyo Metropolitan Bus, Kokusai Kogyo Bus, Kanto Bus (GIF)
TGK Model Galley                        Paper models of Chiba LOTTE Maries Award Winning Bus (PDF)
Junkfs Collection                              Presents paper models of buses in Kanagawa, Japan (GIF)
Sakai Department Store Zama Shop    Paper Craft Shop Presents paper models of buses in Kanagawa@Area (GIF)
Nagitsuji Transportation Bureau        Paper models of Kyoto, Kobe and Kure etc Municipal Transportation Bureau buses (GIF)
Toa no Roba        
@                    The bonnet bus model of Takamatsu Bus (PDF)
Makotofs Room                             By Miyagi Kotsu Bus driver.  Paper models available (JPEG)
Kyocera Solar
@@@ @@                Presents Kyocera Solar campaign paper bus models (PDF)
PS land @@@ @@                            Sony Computer Entertainment presents Piposaru bus models (PDF)
Kids@Nifty   @@@ @@                     Paper models of Bus and Bus Stop (PDF)
Pentel Kids Square @@@ @@         Presents a paper model of a school bus (PDF)
Canon Craft Town  @@@ @@         A paper model of school bus (PDF)
Sanwa Supply        @@@ @@         A bus model in the paper models of working vehicles (PDF)
SHIKI THEATRE COMPANY       Presents a paper model of musical Lion King wrapped buses (PDF)
JOB TRECK          @                Download a paper model of Job-ko wrapped bus (PDF)
Dr Ponpiefs Paper Craft Works  ACROSS Sight-Seeing Bus Isuzu Gala paper model (PDF)
Retro Craft Club                      A bonnet sight-seeing bus (PDF)
Modern Paper Craft@                    Modern paper craft HIYO-CHIYO presents Totorofs Cat Bus (PDF)
Railroad Trip@                                 Paper models of Hanshin E.RWY buses are available (GIF)

T's Workroom@@                             WILLER TRAVEL Highway Express Bus. (PDF)

BRC PRO@@                                   Double deck London Bus (Route Master), Yokohama city transit authority Trolly Bus

Mitsubishi Fuso Track & Bus       Presents original Paper models of Mitsubishi tracks and buses (PDF)

Nissan@@                                         Paper craft of Caravan

Nippon Bus Association@@             Japanese bus history by paper models
AIR DO@@                                       A airline company presents itfs wrapped bus model. (PDF)
Akita IT Learning Bus@@                Akita Prefecture Information Highway Team presents IT Learning Bus paper Model (PDF)
Akita City Natural Science Center
@@   Paper model of Akita City Nature Science Learning Center Bus (PDF)
Akita PLYWOOD Corporation @    Wrapped paper bus models of Akita Cedar Trees
Yonezawa City                               Presents paper models of the community bus (PDF)

Yamagata Prefecture                     Nostalgic bonnet bus gGinrei-Goh (PDF)
Sendai City Environment Beurou  Presents paper models of Wakeru-kun wrapped Bus. (PDF)
Sendai City Transit Authority       Presents paper models of Hino non-step and diorama as well. (PDF)
13 Ban Madoguchi                    Neigata RyutoLink Bus paper model. (PDF)
Ministry of Land and Transport@ Takasaki Branch presents Bus Location System Paper Models (PDF)
Hitachi-Naka City@                       A paper model of the community bus eAOZORAf, Hino new PONCHO (PDF)
Kita-Kanto Kanko Bus@ @             Mitsubishi AeroBus Paper Model (GIF)
TCB Sighy-Seeing Co.               New Download: Mitsubishi Aero-Queen Super High Decker
Tochikoshi Kindergarden@@           A Paper Model of Kindergaden School Bus in Tochigi Prefecture (PDF)
Kaeru-kun Bus@@                          A Paper Model of Flog illustrated buses in Tochigi Prefecture (PDF)
Tobu Railway
                                  Bus and Railway paper crafts of Tobu Railway Co. (JPEG)
Tobu Bus (Sugimoto Group Wrapped Bus)
   A Wrapped Bus model of Sugimoto-Group can be down loaded for a limited time

Ibaraki Kotsu@                               Jouzuru-transport wrapped Bus
Moriya City Yamayuri-Go             Paper bus models are presented to memorize 300,000 passengers.

Kashitetsu Bus@@                          Suganuma Tenko PaperscrapsB(PDF)
Ryugasaki City                        
A paper model of the community bus eRYU-YOU Busf is available. (PDF)

Kanto Bus@@@                         S sample of Kanto Bus paper craft provided

Kamogawa Nitto Bus@@@          Route bus and highway bus paper models

Noda City    @@@                     Presents a paper model of the Noda Cityfs eBeans Busf. (PDF)
Urayasu City                           A paper model of the OSAMPO small non-step bus. (PDF)

Ichikawa-City @                             Community Bus>Norh-East Route and South route buses
Shiroi City   @                          Provides paper model of the community bus eNASSY-GOf. (PDF)
Matsudo-City                          New To get familiar with Yumeiro (Dream color) Bus.

Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus           Sin-Keisei Railway coloring bus operated from 2018 12ŒŽi3307j

Keisei Transit Bus                      Presents paper models

Heiwa Bus                               BAYTOWN Bus Hino Blue Ribbon City Hybrid

Noda City                               Presents a paper model of the Noda Cityfs eBeans Busf. (PDF)

Saitama Bus Association            A paper bus coin bank (PDF)
Fukaya City                             A paper model of the Community Bus eKururinf (PDF)

Ageo City                                Saitama Ageo Citu community bus egurutto-kunf (PDF)
JA Bank Saitama@                         Play with a paper model of the wrapped bus of JA bank Saitama (PDF)

Kokusai-Kogyo Bus   @                 In Kids page, route bus and highway bus paper craft (PDF)

Seibu Bus                                Original Lionfs highway Bus.
Tokyo Transit Authority
                Paper models of One-step and CNG non-step buses (PDF)
Tokyo Automobile Service Promotion Association       Presents wrapped bus of Tenken-kun (PDF)
Higashi-Murayama City Central Library      Presents paper model of the community bus (PDF)
Kanto Bus                               A sample paper model of Kanto Bus available (PDF)
Odakyu Bus     
                            Paper model of the non-step bus. (JPEG)
Tachikawa Bus                               A sample paper model of Kunikko-Bus
                                  Paper models of the community bus (PDF)
Nishi Tokyo City                              Presents Flower Bus paper models (PDF)
Inagi City FireStation                Original paper model of i-bus (PDF)

Kawasaki-city                          Kawasaki municipal transport Burau Trolly bus and the City Hall.

Kawasaki City                         New Buses from 5 operating companies to think of public transportation
Kawasaki City Bus @                    Kawasaki City Bus Paper Models@(PDF)

Kawasaki Frontare@@                    An official Bus Model  with FRON-TA (PDF)

Nippi Corporation@@ @@               Provides paper models of the company wrapped bus (GIF)

Keikyu Bus                               Play with Keikyun. Fuel Cell Bus and Keimaru-kun wrapped bus
Yokohama City Transit Authority
   Paper models of Double-decker, non-step and common buses (PDF)
Yokohama City West Ward
            provides a paper model of the community bus eHama-chan Busf (PDF)
Yokohama triennale                       Paper models of the shuttle bus of Yokohama 2011 (PDF)
Sotetsu Web News
                         Provides Paper models of Sotetsu trains and buses (PDF)

Sagamihara City                       Sagamihara City Community Bus (PDF)
Kusatsu Hot Spring Romantic       Presents Classic Bus paper model (PDF)
Kusakabe Sight-seeing Bus           Provides a paper model of AeroQueen II  Saloon (PDF)
Ina Bus                                   A sample paper model of  Ina Bus is available (JPEG)
Ueda Bus                                      A ride campaign paper mode (PDF)
Chuo Alps Kanko@                    Komagatake Rope-Way Shuttle Bus Paper Model. (PDF)

Ueda Bus                                 Letfs ride on the Ueda-Bus (PDF)

Matsumoto Sanga FC@                 Wrapped bus of Matsumoto Sanga FC (PDF)

Matsumoto City  @                        A paper craft of the Town-Sneaker Bus PDF)

Niigata-City  @                              Articulated bus paper model

Nihonkai Gas                            Presents Nihonkai Gas wrapped bus paper model at Kids-land (PDF)

Kanden Torolley Bus                 A paper model of Kanden Kurobe alpine line tunnel  trolley bus (PDF)
Iruka Kotsu                                        Kito-kito Liner.

Chubu Sightseeing  @                    A Paper model of Chubu Sightseeing Company Bus
Nonoichi Town Notty Bus           Paper models of Nonoichi-town community Bus eNottyf
Shizutetsu Just Line                    Offers a paper bus model for the 1st Bus design contest (PDF)
Sizuoka Tetsudo TAMIYA wrapped bus@ Presented by TAMIYA model company (PDF)
Sizuoka Museum of ART
               Presents Rodin wrapped bus (PDF)
JA Shimizu                                     JA Shimizu presents Chokingyo wrapped bus (PDF)
Viewlogic                                         Wrapped bus models of national athletic meet compaign (PDF)
Enshu Railway                                Paper models of the omnibus and kururu bus are available (PDF)

Seki City Circulate Bus                 Paper models of the City round-trip bus (PDF)

Kamiishizu kindergarten             New Kindergarten School buses
Aichi Red Cross Blood Center       Presents a paper model of Blood Donation Bus
Aichi Chita City@                      Ai-ai Bus Paper model. (PDF)

Aichi Handa City                       Community Bus gGONKURUh Hino Ponco

Aichi Okazaki-city                     gOkazaki Support Character Grouph Wrapped Bus (PDF)

Aichi Yatomi City                      g Kinchan Bush (middle size bus) (PDF)

Aichi  Tahara city                      Round Bus named gSeah and gFlowerhI(PDF)

Toyota City@                                  A paper model of OIDEN-bus  (PDF)

TOYOTA Musium@                      Bonnet Bus FB80 1963
Meitetsu Bus                                     Eco Hybrid Bus.

Nagoya City Transit Authority     Enjoy City Buses Kids Page@
Owari Asaho City                                City bus Asa-pee Go paper model.
Kiyosu City                                     Paper models of eASHIGARU Busf (PDF)
Koujaku Bus
                                   Presents original paper bus models (PDF)
Kanazawa Flat Bus                        Paper models of the Kanazawa Community Bus
Koujaku Bus
                                   Presents original paper bus models (PDF)
Ritto-shi                                         Presents a paper model of Kuri-chan Bus  (PDF)
Higashi-Oumi-Shi                           Presents a paper model of Chokotto Bus
Mie Kotsu@                                     Presents a paper model of Hino Blue Ribbon Hybrid NonStep bus (JPEG)
West JR Bus Company
                 Paper models of the hi-decker and double decker buses (PDF)

Keihan Uji Bus@@                           Nunosawa arpeggio Presents (PNG)

Kyoto-Fu Ayabe-shi                    Presents a paper model of AYA-Bus (PDF)

Kyo-Tanabe City@@                       Midori-Go Paper Model (PDF)

Kyoto City Transit Authority@       ”Stay Home Play with paper craft Small Non-Step Bus

Kyoto City Transit Authority        Archived Paper Buses of two kinds (PDF)

Kyoto Prefecture                           gAnother Kyotoh wrapped bus
Kiashiwara City                              A paper model of the city circular bus eKIRAMEKI-GOf (PDF)

Nara Koiki-Tsuin Bus                 eSento-Kunf wrapped Bus (PDF)

Kintetsu Bus@                           Play with Original Paper Craft
Osaka Electro Communication University   Paper models of the school bus (gorilla illustrated)  is available (PDF)

Osaka Suita City                      A paper model of eSui-Suif Bus (PDF)

Maniac Hanshin                              Very Detailed Paper Buses of Hanshin Electric Railway in 1/80 size (PDF)

Hankyu Bus@                            Route Bus paper craft

Itami-City                                New Wrapped City Bus for Watching children campaign

Itami City Transit Authority          Paper model for 50th Anniversary Non-Step Bus (PDF)
Kobe City Transit Autority
           Paper Buses of Kobekko II (PDF)
Kobe City Fire Station                  Presents a Paper model of music bus
VISSEL Kobe Bus  @                      VISSEL Kobe Bus iDAVID Designj (GIF)
Awaji Kohtsu
                                  Precise Paper Buses of Awaji Kohtsu buses (PDF)
Sanyo Electric Railway
                  Highway buses of Sanyo Electric Railway  (PDF)
Sinki Sightseeing Bus
                   Paper models of sight-seeing buses: Mitsubishi Aero Bus, AeroQueen  (PDF)

Shinki Bus@@                                 New Aero Queen
Kinosaki Onsen Kyokai                         Shuttle bus.
Sakura-Yamanami-Bus                 Nishinomiya City Community bus  (JPG)
Akashi City Taco Bus                    A sample of the paper model of Akashi City Community bus  (JPG)

Akasi City Bus                               Easy to made paper model by eshi-bus no hasiru machif (JPG)
Himeji City Bus@                            Akashi Bus Fanfs site presents a paper model in memory of Himeji City Bus  (PDF)
Hyougo-ken Naka-cho
                 Presents a paper model of the community bus (PDF)
Hyougo-ken Ono-shi                     Paper models of Ran-Ran bus are provided. (PDF)
Hyougo-ken Ako-shi                      A paper model of  the city loop Yuranosuke-bus (PDF)
Tokushima Bus                               Presents a paper model of EDDY express, sightseeing and routt buses (PDF)
Foot Bus                                           Foot Express Bus.
Uwajima Bus                                   Presents a paper model of Aerobus (JPEG)
Jfs Goal Ehime FC                             Ehime FC club bus.
JR Shikoku Bus          @@             New   Letfs make an Original JR Shikoku Bus paper craftI!
Tatsukan Bus                          Sight seeing bus paper models. (PDF)
Tottori-ken, Hino-cho                  Challenge paper models -- bus (PDF)
Hoki-cho@@                                     Hoki cho-gata bus paper model. (PDF)
Matsue City Transit Authority
      Paper models of Isuzu Gala, Lake-Lines, and the non-step buses (PDF)
Sanyo Kindergarden                      Presents a paper model of the school bus (JPEG)
Ryobi Digital Museum                Paper models of Ryobi and Okayama Electric Railway buses (PDF)
Fukuyama City                                    Route Bus

Geiyo Bus@                               Tricolore and HDN Bon Bus Hino Poncho small non step bus
Hiroshima Electric Railway         
Paper Models of trams (PDF)

Kure paper Craft@                     Bonnet Bus paper Model
Hiroshima Pref. Fuchu-cho
        A paper model of eTSUBAKI Busf presented on the traffic safety day (PDF)

Hiroshima Miyosi City                A city loop bus (Kuru-run) paper model  (PDF)

Retro Bus Restoring Association@The first omnibus operated in Hiroshima of Japan (PDF)
Yamaguchi Hikoshima IslandikoshimaHi         
Presents paper model of  Sanden Kotsu Bus (JPEG)
Katta GO                                Paper models of Ube City transit authority bus (PDF)
Yamaguchi Blog Portal Site@        Presents Yamaguchi City community bus (PDF)
JR Kyushu Bus@                              Download Aero-Bus, Aero King and ERGA (PDF)
Kita Kyusyu City                                 City buses.

Nishitetsu Bus                            Enjoy at home with smart-loop bus and Articulated bus
ST pers
                                           Paper models of Nishitetsu buses (PDF)
Nagasaki Ken-ei Bus                     The 70 years anniversary paper bus models are presented
Saga City Transit Authority         Presents HINO Raibow HR Non-step bus model (PDF)
Saga Gas Company                       Provides POWERWA wrapped bus paper model (PDF)
Oita Kotsu                                      Airport liner paper model. (PDF)
APU                                                 Asia Pacific University shuttle bus paper model. (PDF)
Kyushu Sanko Bus                   
Paper models of bonnet, one-step and non-step buses (PDF)
Kumamoto City Transit Authority         Coloring bus for city botanical garden and zoo (PDF)

Alpha Planning Co.Ltd,
                    Paper bus models for designing wrapped buses (PDF)
Takuma Kanko SightSeeing Bus
    Paper model of Mitsubishi AeroQuenn II. (PDF)
Kosa Town Bus                        Presents a paper model of the town operated bus eWakaayu-gou.f (PDF)
Architectual Construction TOTSUKA    In CG Art, Paper models of Kumamoto Bus are presented

Nangoku Kotsu Bus                  
A sample paper model of  Nangoku-Kotsu Bus is available (JPEG)
Nansatsu Kanko                      
Presents  Hino Selega R sight seeing bus type GJ first appeared in Kyushu (JPEG)

Okinawa Urazoe City                New LookIMakeIUrara-chan mini busτ
Buso High school Rail Model Club
@Presents Yokohama city trolley bus and London two decker bus (PDF)
Nihon Seishi
@                          Presents a paper model of London bus (PDF)
Paper Model World                   
Comprehensive links for Paper models. Buses are in the category of railways as well as cars
Popping up Paper Crafts!          
Cool links for paper crafts including buses.
Paper Craft Kensaku-kun         
Paper Craft Searcher.
Don Don Paper Crafts              
Personally selected cool links for paper crafts including buses.
Craft Net 
                                       Information exchange site for hand crafts.
Wonder Kids 
                                  Kid's learning net offers interesting links including paper crafts.
Kids paper world 
                           Tokyo Pulp and Paper Corporation presents a paper world for Kids.
@                                        Ink jet printer material company presents paper model links.
Paper and Goods
@                         The paper material company presents paper model links.
Lycos Kids
                                      Directory service for Kids. Playing-recreation.
Paper Toys@@                                Contains American School Buses
TheFlak-TheEntranceBus                   Rodand TheFlak-TheEntrance Model Bus Volvo@@                 Free paper toy models: Trains, Buses & Streetcars
Paper Buses & Paper Bus Parts
         Original and customized paper buses and parts.
Paper Bus Connection 
                 Connection to the World's Paper Bus. (Closed)
Greater Toronto Bus Page  
         Features Paper buses from North America
Seiji Inaokafs HomePage          
Photographs and paper models of buses in the USA
Paper Bus Stop                             Paper bus paradise of Hong Kong

TPB Paper Bus                        New Paper bus models of Hong Kong

Bus Photos

Ogawa Masato's Page                Bus photos categorized by prefectures.
Bus Coloring Encyclopedia         
Bus photos covering all over Japan.
Bus Photo Gallery                   
Bus coloring collections of Japan featuring buses in islands.
Kanachu Bus Fan's Page
               Dedicated to Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu
OMNIBUS and COACH             
Bus coloring illustration covering all over Japan

BUS and Design                       From the latest Non-step bus to the old time buses, as well as body colors

BJ41-Vfs Room @                   Features old time bus photo gallery

Utakata Kidobu@                      Tracking the disappearing trains and buses in Japan
River-Side Transportation Beurou@Unique reports of the epoch-making buses

KOTETSU Club @                     Features old time bus photo gallery

e80s Buses in IWATE@              Buses of IWATE prefecture in 1980fs

JNR bus archives@                   Archives of Japan National Railway Buses
Nekomoarukeba Bus Trip Report@Beautiful photos of nostalgic Buses
Kurihara Daisukefs Fine ART@    Featuring Japanese cars of 70fs including buses
Old Cutlass 70fs@                    Featuring Japanese cars of 70fs including buses
Hamafs Page@                        Lots of old bus pictures

Red Bus Co. Bus Center            Many photos for worn-out painful looking buses. (Closed) Re-open at here
Sugaan Bus Photo Book           
Bus photos including a little bit older buses
Bus Pictorial                           
Featuring old dear bus photos since '60s.
Kaoru Hayashi's HOME PAGE    
Photos for dear old Japanese Buses in 1970's
                                          Bus Links all over Japan
Highway Buses 
                              Photos for Highway buses
Aida Takahiro of Nohi Bus Driver - Conductor's Room
Full of bus illustrations by Mr. Seal
Sakanyafs Room          
@         Features retired buses, Igasa-Bus and monocoque chassis buses
Norimono-no-page@                 Lots of photos of Sizutetsu Bus, Hamamatsu Bus, and Matsumoto Bus
Yabou-Bus@                            An enthusiastfs site for Enshu E.RWY Buses

SHIZUOKA TRAIN&BUS TERMINAL@    This site presents informations on trains&buses in Shizuoka as well as paper models
Hiro-To Stations                     
Buses and Railways in Kyoto and Hiroshima
Mie-chan's Papa's Bus             
Home page of  HDN Bon bus Driver

Sandono Meshiyori Hiroden @     Introduction to Hiroshima Electric Railway Trams and Buses (closed).

Shibazo@                                gSandono Meshiyori Hiroden Bush (Introduction to Hiroshima E.RWY Bus) moved to here.

Hiroshima Bus Information@       Providing information on Hiroshima Bus Company

Railway and Bus Room @           Features photographs of railways and buses in Hiroshima

Ibaraki Kanko Bus@                   In order to memorize Ibaraki Kanko Bus, a paper model is available.

Wakabadai Bus Information Center  Provides information on buses in Wakabadai, Yokohama
Green Star
                                     Dedicated to Tokyo Transit Authority Buses
Blue Line
                                         Dedicated to Yokohama Transit Authority Buses
Yokokou Wakaba 21                  Presents the latest news of Yokohama City Bus as well as other bus operations
Blue sky and white cloud 
              Kawasaki City Bus Fan's Page
Daichi's Room
@                             Featuring photo of Kawasaki city bus, paper model as well.
@                                       Enoshima EWY bus fan site and paper models.
Tokuden IM home page             
Specializes Nishi-Nihon body
Super Man Tetsu                     
Collection of topics on the railway and buses.
Original Railway Musium
                Featuring the study on Fuji Heavy Industry Bus
Super-Hokutofs Page
@                 Dedicated to Keisei Bus Group Comapnies
My Hobby Bus Page
                      Buses around Chiba Prefecture.
Welcome to Gan-chan's home
      Buses in Kushu and Chugoku districts.

Kamoshika Liner@                     Bus photos mainly from west Japan

TABATA BUS @                       Features Bus photos of Shikoku Island, as well as bus web materials
                  Buses in North Kanto and Echigo districts.
Iwami Railway
       @                        Features Railway Photo as well as Bus Transfer Routes around Yokohama
Keen Port
                                       Bus Information around Hashimoto High School in Kanagawa Prefecture.
THE BUS STATION                  
Bus Links to the world
Buses on the Web - BusWeb
@     World Bus Fan's site
Bus Fans And Organizations  
       North American Bus Fan's site
North American Bus Explorer 
      Buses in north America categorized by manufacturers.
Enthusiasts' Pages 
                        Comprehensive bus directory.

Miniature Buses

Sanuki's Bus Home Page               Marvelous collections of all kind of miniature buses.
Transportation Miniature Home Page
  Featuring Choro-Q pull-back toy buses and TOMICA miniature buses.
Choro-Q School
                             Check new choro-q bus info at the well-known site.
Yagio's Photo Room
                       Presents miniature buses from TOMICA collections.
Soto-Asahikawa Motors
@              Featuring precious old bus models.
Japanese Miniature Cars
@            Bus models categorized by miniature-car makers, with descriptions.
Community bus
@                     Low-Emission, Low-floor bus page presents toy bus collections.
ATB Models                            
Tokyu Bus Fan's site presents all kind of miniature Tokyu buses.
Lets Enjoy Bus Models             
Enjoying miniature bus models.
Miniature Bus Page
                        Scale bus models of omnibus, sight-seeing bus and foreign bus.
Kanachu Kamiyabe Stop           
Presents  customized omnibus models.
Hand-made Hobby Room          
Features 1/87 scale bus model from over the world.
The Bus Modeler                    
On-Line magazine for bus modelers.
Y Bus Models                          Dedicated to the bus models of Yokohama transit Authority Buses.
Mishizawa Main
                               Look at sup rising 1/80 scale model of  Isuzu-BU bus.
Railway travel and models         
Presents the narrow gage scale bus models.
Sakurajima Railway
@                      Imaginary railway company offers N-gage scale bus models.
Green Max                             
Railway model maker presents scale bus models as well.
Deploying narrow gage scale bus models from all over Japan.
Imagine Models                       
Sells narrow gage scale bus models of all over Japan.
Ayase Koubou                         Private workshop sells narrow gage scale bus models, as well as 1/80 scale bus.
WingPro Bus Models                  Introduction to 1/150 scaled Bus models
Railway model maker presents N-gage scale old Japanese buses.
@@@@                           Famous model car maker presents master's collection bus  series.
TomyTec New Hobby               
The Bus collection 1/150 scaled Bus series
Adwing (AIX)
@@@                     Presents polystone made miniature bus series.
One Mile                                
Deploying 1/80 scale model of NSK 96MC bus.
TAMARA house DAIKA scale
@      A catalog of familiar DAIKA scale bus models.
TRAIN Home Page
                         Railway toy maker presents Pocket Bus series.
Porte Publishing
                             Presents Club Busrama scale bus models.
Creative Master Nortcord@@@          The world miniature bus co.
Oriental Model Buses@          @@       Welcome to the world's leading website for news, information and photographs of model buses from Hong Kong, China, Singapore & Japan.
The Model Bus Gallery
@                      Provides information on model buses.
Collectorfs Corner A Loayza Enterprize@ Collectors Corner sells model buses (past & present)
Transit Graphics
@New                         TransitGraphics is the Australian distributor for the complete Creative Master model range including the home grown AUBUS modern day city bus range.

Miniature Car Shop IKEDA
           Featuring a large number of bus models. Mail order available.
Railway and Bus Models GOWASU-YA    An Internet Railway and bus model shop
Toys and Hobby Murakami        
An Internet shop provides a list of bus models
HORIKAWA-CO.COM Web Shop    A discount shop that covers all category of hobby