About Kohnan Electric Railway

Thank you for boarding on Kohnan Electric Railway.

This site provides Paper Bus Models with GIF images, which is suitable for me to make my favorite buses. Buses have many variations depending on each bus operating company and manufacturers, thus offer very interesting materials. As of now, most buses in this site are those I have used or seen. Especially, you will find many buses in Hiroshima and Yokohama area, since I grew up in Hiroshima and now working in Yokohama.  I loved buses since I was a small child, because my father was working for Bus Operating Section of Hirosima Electric Railway.  And as for buses in the central highland of Japan, I frequently used them when I made climbing in the Japanese Alps.

I specially appreciate Nogawa Electric Railway for admitting me to use the templates for buses. Any changes from the original Nogawa Buses, including coloring, are responsible to Kohnan Electric Railway. The rear or right-side view of buses may not be correct for some old buses, since the detailed photos were not available.  I also had some difficulties to reproduce colors when printed. I tried to pick up colors from GIF images of photos,  however colors on the screen and printers are sometimes different.

Please feel free to download the buses and enjoy ! If you have any comments or modifications, mail me.

mailto: iwamochan2@yahoo.co.jp

Kohnan Electric Railway,
Yokohama, Japan