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This site provides paper models of Japanese buses in Hiroshima, Yokohama and other districts, as well as a few foreign buses. You also will find some dear old buses. Most of paper buses in this site are developed based on the templates by Nogawa Electric Railway.



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Features of the paper bus of Kohnan E.RWY

-Based on 4-side views,  easy to make for children

- Enjoyable as bus database,  even if not built up

- You can make your original buses by modifying figures

- Experts can further make details of the models up



Bihoku Kohtsu  Mitsubishi B360  20/11/08


Kanagawa Chuo Kohtsu  Mitsubishi B280 2020/10/30Added to Detailed-up Gallery

Kanagawa Chuo Kohtsu  Mitsubishi B280 Shin-Mitsubishi Body 20/10/30

Catalog color Mitsubishi B280 20/10/30


Kanachu  Mitsubishi MP117 Kureha-body 2020/10/01 Added to Detailed-up Gallery

Kanagawa Chuo Kohtsu  Mitsubishi MP117 20/10/01


Tokyo Transit Authority  Mitsubishi MR410 Mitsubishi-body 2020/9/6Added to Detailed-up Gallery

Tokyo Transit Authority  Mitsubishi MR410 Mitsubishi-body  20/09/06

Tokyo Transit Authority  Mitsubishi MR410 Kureha-body  20/09/06


Kawasaki-Tsurumi Rinko Bus 2020/8/8Added to Detailed-up Gallery

Kwasaki-Tsurumi Rinko Bus  Isuzu new Erga 2020/08/08

Kawasaki-Tsurumi Rinko Bus X Sumikko Gurashi 2020/08/08


Hiroshima E.Rwy Hino New Blue Ribbon  2020/8/4 Added to Detailed-up Gallery

Hiroshima Electric Railway Hino new Blue Ribbon 2020/07/31

Yokohama City Transit Authority Hino New Blue Ribbon 20/07/31

Links added 20/07/31 Nissan, Nippon Bus Association, Ibaraki Kotsu, Kamogawa Nitto Bus, Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus , Keisei Transit Bus, Heiwa Bus, Seibu Bus, Keikyu Bus, Chubu Sightseeing, TOYOTA Musium,

Nagoya City Transit Authority , Mie Kotsu, Kyoto City Transit Authority, Kintetsu Bus, Hankyu Bus, Geiyo Bus, Kure paper Craft, Nishitetsu Bus, TPB Paper Bus


Links added.

Yamagata Kotsu Isuzu TSD40 Ginrei-go 2017/07/12 updated. Added the detailed-up gallery




Fukushima Kohtsu  Mitsubishi Aero-Star Type-M  00/05/08  by Nogawa Electric Railway presented at 2000 Tokyo Transportation Exhibition.

Based on the paper bus on this site,Yamagata prefectural office distributed the paper craft of GINREI-GO at 2017 Hanagasa Festival.


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